This Week’s Vehicles

Highway 515 Auto Auction sells dozens of cars every week. Our catalog is updated throughout the week; see the current list below.

Also see our market report of recently sold vehicles and Wednesday Morning Specials, vehicles left over from every Tuesday’s auction.

VIN Year Make Model Body Style Color Mileage Photos
VIN Year Make Model Body Style Color Mileage Photos
WAUAKAFB2BN008021 2011 AUDI A6 4D, SEDAN, 3.2, NAV., A.T. white 80305
1G4GD2213S4706066 1995 Buick Riviera 2D, SEDAN, A.T. blue Exempt
1G4HP54K424197205 2002 Buick LeSabre 4D, SEDAN, CUSTOM, A.T., REPO silver Exempt
3GNFK16Z52G337415 2002 Chevrolet Suburban 4D, 4W, Z71, 3S., A.T., REPO white Exempt
1GNEK13Z42R265428 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe 4W,4D,Z71,A.T. black Exempt
2CNDL73F266109654 2006 Chevrolet Equinox AWD, 4D, LT, A.T. tan Exempt
2CNALDEW1A6309285 2010 CHEVROLET EQUINOX 4D, SUV, LT, A.T. gray 104986
2G1WC5EM1B1101476 2011 CHEVROLET IMPALA 4D, SEDAN, LTZ, A.T. silver 92516
3C8FY68B62T257843 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4D, WAGON, A.T. gray Exempt
1C3EL45X04N306560 2004 Chrysler Sebring 2D, CONVERTIBLE, A.T. green Exempt
1C3LC46K27N502871 2007 CHRYSLER SEBRING 4D, SEDAN, A.T., REPO silver 139900
1B4HS28Y2WF114880 1998 Dodge Durango 4W, 4D, 3S., A.T., REPO white Exempt
2D4GP44L75R158860 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan 4D,Wagon,SXT,A.T. silver Exempt
1FMYU60E71UA76410 2001 Ford Explorer 2W,2D,SPORT,A.T. white Exempt
1FMPU18L33LB72688 2003 Ford Expedition 4WD, E/B, 3S, AT blue Exempt
3FAFP31343R137341 2003 Ford Focus 2D, ZX3, H/BACK, A.T., REPO, DISABLE blue Exempt
1FMEU64E57UA73043 2007 FORD EXPLORER 4D,SUV,E/B,3S,A.T. gold 159167
3FAHP06Z08R132987 2008 FORD FUSION 4D, SEDAN, A.T. red 131026
1FTMF1CM1EFC60688 2014 FORD F-150 2W, REG. CAB, XL, A.T. silver 29484
1FAHP2E81FG105273 2015 FORD TAURUS 4DR,SEDAN,SEL,A.T. gray 29465
1GKDT13S932265539 2003 GMC Envoy 4W, 4D, SLE, A.T. green Exempt
KMHCG35C25U339514 2005 Hyundai Accent 2D, H/BACK, 5SP. gray Exempt
1J4FT58S61L588243 2001 Jeep Cherokee 2W, 4D, LIMITED, A.T., REPO white Exempt
1LNFM81WXWY665199 1998 Lincoln Town Car 4D, SEDAN, EXEC., A.T., REPO green Exempt
JM1FE173560203458 2006 Mazda RX8 4D, COUPE, 6SP. white 85724
5N1BV28U35N122497 2005 Nissan Quest 4D, 7 PASS, 3.5 SE, A.T. silver Exempt
1G3AG55N3P6321345 1993 Oldsmobile Ciera 4D, SEDAN, A.T., REPO white Exempt
1G2NF52F83C119635 2003 Pontiac Grand Am 4D Sedan,A.T. white Exempt
JT2SW21N2P0019908 1993 Toyota MR2 2D, T/TOP, 5SP. red Exempt
9BWDE61J334005953 2003 Volkswagen GTI 2D, H/BACK, A.T. gray Exempt

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